Sweet Tea Apothecary

One thing that didn’t occur to me (but probably should have) when I opened up a shop on Etsy was that I would want to buy everything. There are some genuinely amazing products and sellers on the site and it’s so hard not to click the Paypal button. Sometimes I don’t heed the little voice saying, “Stop! You’re here to sell, not to dip into your profits!” One such example of not heeding that annoying voice, was a recent purchase from Tin Roof Soap Co., an Etsy shop hailing from Houston, Texas. You see, what sets her (owner, Sara James) apart from all the masses of soap sellers on Etsy are two things (at least for me):

1. Awesome old time-y packaging


While perusing her shop, the Beer Soap immediately jumped off the page, for obvious reasons. I could sit here and tell you that I…

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